10 Best Plants to Purify and Lower Stress

Here are 10 great houseplants that you may want to consider growing in your home to reduce stress and purify the air.

Houseplants make great additions to your home; they can add color and interest to your decor, create a healthier living space with their air purifying and filtering properties, and they can even lower stress levels!

In fact, studies have shown that hospital patients who have living plants in their rooms reportedly recover quicker and have lower stress levels during their hospital stay.

1. Rubber Tree

This great low-maintenance plant thrives in dimmer light and has a nice dark green leaf that has a brought appeal.

2. English Ivy

This particular houseplant, according to NASA, tops the list of air purifying plants. It is very easy to grow and can be a floor or hanging plant.

3. Diffenbachia

This plant is noteworthy for its very long leaves and tropical looking appearance. Diffenbachia can grow very large, even up to 5-6 feet high, making it a great addition to any room décor. This plant is poisonous if eaten, so please keep away from children and pets.

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