Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat That Lemon Peel Instead of Throwing It Away!

You will be surprised after knowing that what a lemon peel can do for your health!

Eating the whole lemon helps to cut back on waste. Plus, there are some great recipes that use up the skin of the citrus fruit, including the candied lemon peel. There are many other, healthier uses for lemon peels as well.

For example, using a dried lemon peel, you can put lemon zest in your food easily. The dried zest offers a number of health benefits. It also gives foods and teas just a tiny bit of burst and flavor (or a whole lot of it if you desire!)

Check out these 10 healthy reasons to eat lemon peel:

1. Detoxify Your Body

Used as an anti-bacterial agent often, lemon is included in many cleaning products for a reason. Lemon is excellent at detoxifying whatever it comes into contact with.

Many health experts recommend, for example, crushing dried lemon peels into a powder and making a paste to apply over acne and other skin lesions. That powder can help draw out impurities.

Just think of what those same detoxifying traits can do inside of your body! Consuming dried lemon peel zest detoxifies:

  • The uric acid and buildup in your liver
  • Your bowels
  • Bacteria contributing to malaria, cholera, and typhoid

Due to the ability of lemon zest to fight bacteria, many people include it when completing juice cleanses and other detoxifying diets.

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