When You Find Out What Banana Peels Can Do To Your Waistline, You’ll Stop Throwing Them Away!

You’ll never throw away banana peels after reading this post!

You'll never throw away banana peels after reading this post!

Many people throw away the banana peels because they are convinced that only the flesh contains the nutritional stuff.

However, that is so not true. In fact, half of banana’s nutrients are found its peel. So, we can conclude that you are throwing away at least half of what you have paid for.

In many parts of the world, the banana peels are edible. Some people have even found many interesting ways to take advantage of the peel.

According to the newest researches, it has been found that the banana peels could also help with weight loss.

The Nutritionist, Laura Flores for Life Science, said: “[The skin] of the banana contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, as well as magnesium and potassium. It also contains fiber and protein”.

How To Eat Banana Peel?

Generally, the fruit peels contain higher concentration levels of phytonutrients, and they tend to make them taste bitter. Still, there are some innovative ways to prepare them, and they’ll have a delicious taste.

For example, you can cut the ends of the peel and throw it into your smoothie. Add whatever other ingredients you want.

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